Real Estate Developers are the major beneficiaries of BIM services. AEC Digital Solutions have been fortunate enough to have an exposure of working with renowned real estate developers across the world, offering them with solutions in 3D BIM Modeling services, 3D CAD services, CAD conversions and BIM Consulting on their entire project from pre-construction to construction stage. Being the owners of the project, real estate developers yield the maximum benefit on the projects.

The best time period for any real estate developer to implement BIM on projects is at the beginning of the project. BIM is one of the only guide that helps increase transparency and creates and integrated design and construction process. This results in better building quality at a lower cost and that too in a very short time period.

At AEC Digital Solutions LLC, we are working with Real Estate Developers, in the major markets being in USA, UK, India & Europe. Our team has helped our clients to understand what all BIM can do for the projects. AEC Digital Solutions has been able to demonstrate how BIM can improve their strategic planning, support in their decision-making processes and maximized the ROI on various projects.

BIM achieves various benefits for Real Estate Developers:

  • Shift from 2D to 3D(BIM), for understanding and managing BIM
  • The virtual model of the buildings helps the on-site team in eliminating the co-ordination issues and imperfections coming in the construction process
  • Reduction in overall cost of the project, by identifying problems prior to the construction of the project and also helps in cutting down the re-work
  • Facilitates timely completion of every project and increase profitability for the real estate developers

Some of the BIM solutions services with prime interest of Real Estate Developers are Architectural BIM Modeling, Clash Detection, BIM coordination, etc.

Have a new project, discuss the project requirements with our Team of Experts. Team AEC Digital Solutions will be glad to assist you.