Urban/Municipal GIS

The concept of municipal GIS services are very important to bring about development in a region at the grass-root level.  GIS services are very important to urban development as they provide useful inputs that can be very helpful in calculating demographic behavior, infrastructure survey, slum survey, utility mapping, etc.

Municipalities which are focused on increasing the infrastructure quality of towns or cities should make use of GIS services. Municipal GIS is a positive initiative conducive to urban planning and infrastructure development in crucial areas like roads, bridges, railway lines, drainage systems.

GIS with customized decision support tools facilitate integrated analysis of different datasets and their visualization. Such initiative s also assists the government in:

  • Preparation of town development plan
  • Preparation of town planning scheme
  • Image Procurement
  • Infrastructure Survey
  • Property Survey Management
  • Photos linking of each property
  • Slum Survey & GIS Mapping
  • Geo-spatial data integration