COBie or Construction Operations Building information exchange:

“COBie” or “Construction Operations Building information exchange” is a data format which helps in capturing and recording important project data. It is a format of international standards for the exchange of information about managed facility assets This is done at the time of project commencement. It includes product data sheets, equipment lists, spare parts list, warranties, and preventive maintenance schedules. This information is essential to support operations, maintenance and asset management once the building is in service.

These days, more-n-more, projects are mandating a “COBie deliverable”. AEC Digital Solutions LLC makes easy for all A/E firms, Contractors and Owners to properly fulfill the COBie lifecycle information management requirements, including:

  • Both setting up and Structuring COBie database (Excel sheet or other)
  • Producing the Data Drops at fix stages of a project, throughout the design, construction and operation phases
  • Establishing the models for COBie compliance
  • Audit of the existing BIM models for correctness of COBie and Data extraction


Facilitation Data Integration:

It allows to select the best combination of up-front costs and future economies. It helps to improve the communication throughout the life cycle of a construction process. With help of Facilitation Management and its integration with COBie, there would be less waste and much fewer delays.

At AEC Digital Solutions LLC we manage complete records of each and every project, including accurate data for essential fields. And for this, the team of AEC Digital, abide by COBie for processing and managing all the facility assets. AEC Digital’s COBie & Facility Data Integration service reduces all the costs in operation, management and space planning by predicting building performance throughout the life-cycle of the facility and also enables improved & precise budgeting for future maintenance.


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