Our Digital Bricks for the Construction industry

AEC digital solutions LLC provides BIM services which improve the efficiencies of our AECO clients. As a trusted advisor to the AECO community, your project’s profitability is our goal. We balance best-in-class technology from market leaders such as Autodesk and Bentley to deliver comprehensive solutions for your BIM and VDC projects. Our team has extensive experience in real world projects. Understanding constructability and the documentation process are critical qualities which complement our expertise with the software tools. The following suite of services summarizes our core offerings which drive value to our global clients.

Geographic Information Systems

GIS is a computer-based tool for mapping and analyzing spatially reference data. It can facilitate the understanding of spatial aspects of social and economic development by relating socio-economic variables to natural resources and the physical world, providing a tool for targeting interventions and monitoring impacts on various scales over wide areas.

The purpose of using GIS is that, maps provide an added dimension to data analysis which brings us one step closer to visualizing the complex patterns and relationships that characterize real-world planning and policy problems.