BIM and CAD Spool Drawings Services

AEC Digital’s BIM and CAD Spool Drawings services team consists of highly skilled professionals with expertise in MEP systems and extensive experience

in using BIM software.

They work closely with architects, engineers, and contractors to develop detailed spool drawings that meet the specific

requirements of each project.

The team has a deep understanding of the construction industry and the importance of accurate spool drawings in ensuring

the success of a project.

They use the latest technology and tools to create precise and detailed spool drawings that help reduce errors, save time, and minimize waste

during construction.

BIM Spool drawing services can provide a wide range of services to clients, including spool drawing creation, clash detection, quantity takeoff,

and fabrication drawing creation.

Their expertise in MEP systems and their commitment to delivering high-quality work has earned them a reputation as a trusted partner for

construction projects of all sizes.

Overall, BIM Spool drawing services are an essential part of any successful construction project.

Their expertise in creating accurate and detailed spool drawings helps ensure that construction projects are completed on time,

within budget, and to the highest quality standards.

BIM ServicesCost Matters! Quantity Extraction Through BIM.

Construction is an expensive process, therefore a detailed measurement of all the required material and labor,

in a construction project is very essential and this is called Quantity Extraction Through BIM.

All material and quantity extractions are provided as a service for our clients which enables them to

verify cost monitoring, floating tenders, RA bills, project bids, etc.

Our estimate specialists reviews all the drawings and specifications to prepare cost estimates and plans,

audit projects, manage construction costs and construction contracts. Also any change of design is also

checked by our cost estimators to assess the cost effects.

With the help of quantity extraction through BIM, the project managers and contractors are able to calculate

accurate quantities for various purposes easily and integrate it with the existing schedule, cost estimation, and other applications.

To all our clients (architects, designers, contractors, sub-contractors, project managers, and building owners)

we offer the best technology and practices as under:

BIM coordination is essentially the collaboration of all the three major disciplines of BIM with the help of a tool that will simplify, align and improve

overall project design. Today, BIM coordination has become an essential element in the design and process of modern construction all over the world.

Our BIM coordination services bring together all the different renderings of the project and create a collaborative clash-free visualization

of the design.

BIM coordination enhances the purpose and operability of the BIM modeling software and ensures that projects do not get delayed and

or incur unnecessary

expenses for the construction team as well as clients.

With a skilled workforce and software expertise, we constantly deliver high quality MEP services for plans, section drawings, elevations, and more.

Every aspect of our  Services is targeted at accurate project erection through high-end realistic & functional shop drawings and

coordination services.

BIM Co-ordination Services process-map:

Shop & Fabrication Drawings

A Shop & Fabrication Drawings is a drawing or set of drawings produced by the contractor, supplier, manufacturer, subcontractor, or fabricator. Shop drawings are typically required for prefabricated components. Examples of these include: elevators, structural steel, trusses, precast, windows, appliances, cabinets, air handling units, and millwork. Also critical are the installation and coordination shop drawings of the MEP trades such as sheet metal ductwork, piping, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical.

We believe in the shop drawing process and its value to any and every project. All of our shop drawings are created and built using BIM type intelligent data giving our clients the most out of every shop drawing. We can create 3D models from 2D drawings or adapt architects 3D models to allow for work breakdown structuring to an agreed SMM format. This can often be completed within the time constraints of tendering deadlines. SMM data (Standard Method of Measurement) generated for BOQ production enables BIM data to be used by sub-contractors for tendering as well as on-site teams for contract administration. The upfront effort is similar to a typical BOQ production, but the downstream savings in time and improved accuracy can be invaluable to project teams.

For Architects and/or Engineers:


For Contractors:



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CAD/PDF/Paper to BIM models

So you have drawings in Paper, CAD or PDF and looking for converting it to a BIM Model,

our CAD to BIM Conversion services are for people like you. We create accurate BIM Models

and Documentation from old/new CAD drawings. You can share your drawings in Paper,

CAD or PDF format and our trained team shall create BIM Models from that information.

MEP CAD BIM Construction Documentation

In Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing field, AEC Digital provides a detailed catalog of services, each having their own set of comprehensive services:





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Kitchen Specialization BIM Modeling

AEC Digital Solutions LLC also specializes in a unique field – BIM Modeling & Documentation for industry-leading kitchen design firms.

Our comprehensive training, domain knowledge, sophisticated input and rigid QAQC process have positioned AEC Digital Solutions as a

global front-runner to offer value driven and qualified resources in the kitchen space. Renderings, 3D modeling, 2D to 3D conversion,

elevations and Revit/Dynamo Content Creation are just some of the core kitchen-centric services offered by AEC Digital Solutions through a

BIM Studio or through an a-la- carte staffing business model.

Facade Engineering & Shop Drawing

The skin of the building should define its value, performance and architectural expression.  And at AEC Digital Solutions, we do everything starting from designing of the concepts of BIM implementation & renovation; and all this is design led and underpinned by technical rigor. A building’s facade should filter sound, light heat and cold in such a way that the indoor climate is appropriate for the activities taking place inside the building

These days the fast-paced Facade Shop Drawings personnel, construction personnel and fabricators are facing tight construction schedules and much longer material lead times.  The Facade team  of AEC Digital Solutions provides cost-effective and quality service, which definitely helps our clients not only to bid profitability but to deliver quality service to our customers. Our Facade engineering team specializes in custom facade shop drawings..

The expert Facade engineers  at AEC Digital Solutions LLC provide Facade services for all firms and individuals of Architects, Building owners and Construction personnel. At AEC Digital Solutions LLC, we prove a variety of services underneath the above-mentioned solutions. Some of them are 2D Drafting and detailing, BOM, Shop/Fabrication drawings, BOQ & cutting Lists and Construction Documentation.

Facade Engineering & Shop Drawing are basically a road-map utilized by project managers & installers, and can also greatly affects the profitability of the project used in. They also reflect the structure and shape of the building’s facade at any and every location.

Our Facade Engineering & Shop Drawing Services include:


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Secondment Consulting Services is one of the unique BIM Solutions, currently empowering our internationally renowned firms with the benefit of staffing flexibility. We provide resource deployment services to support your project, especially during critical times.
We provide both technical and non-technical (administration staff, HR, Business Development, In-house Sales) resources for fulfilling your staff requirements.

Having the right human capital is very critical for meeting the right project requirements. We understand the requirement from the client and provide them with excellent resource with minimum time frame.

We help you in achieving standardized implementations that incorporate best practices, result in a lower cost of ownership, and set you up to be successful for the long haul.


AEC Digital Solutions offers a comprehensive, end-to-end secondment solutions which provide you with improved resource utilization and exceptional execution.

Cick : Secondment Consulting Services to know more about it.

Since 3D BIM Modeling & Visualization are gaining popularity, Architects, MEP Design Firms, Structural Engineers, General Contractors, Mechanical & Electrical Contractors, Retailers, Construction Companies and Developers are adopting this technology to a great extent.

And, in this regard AEC Digital Solutions LLC has come forward as one of the leading 3D BIM Modeling & Visualization service provider across the globe.

3D BIM Modeling

At AEC Digital Solutions we allow our clients to get complete control of all the building systems via our 3D BIM Modeling services.

With the help of our 3D BIM Models, we assist the construction companies/clients in visualizing all the schematic structures before

the project starts and accordingly offer better planning for their projects. The Model is graphically represented as a specific system,

object or assembly in terms of shape, size, location, quantity and orientation with(without when required) detailing, fabrication, assembly,

and installation information. We also attach the non-graphic information with the Model Element.

3D Visualization

Engineers at AEC Digital Solutions LLC are specialized in constructing the virtual 3D Models, by using a wide range of inputs,

comprising of designing contents, contract drawings, hand sketches and specification sheets. We bring to life those

BIM Models by using softwares like AutoDesk 3D & Design Visualization Softwares. We are also leveraging 3D’s Max

and Revit to make our BM Models meet the exact requirement of our clients with professional animation, 3D modeling and texturing.


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