Real Estate Developers are one of the major beneficiaries of BIM services. AEC Digital Solutions has been fortunate enough to have an exposure of working with renowned real estate developers across the world. We provide solutions in 3D BIM Modeling services, 3D CAD services, CAD conversions and BIM Consulting Services, etc. These services & solutions are put to use on their entire project life-cycle from pre-construction to construction stage. Being the owners of the project, real estate developers yield the maximum benefit on the projects.

The best time period for any real estate developer to implement BIM on projects is at the beginning of the project. Our BIM Consulting Services are one of the very few  that helps in increasing transparency and creates an integrated design and construction process. This results in better building quality at a lower cost and that too in a very short time period.

At AEC Digital Solutions LLC, we are working with Real Estate Developers, with major markets being in USA, UK, India & Europe. Our team has helped our clients to understand what all BIM can do for their projects. Team of AEC Digital has been able to demonstrate how BIM can improve their strategic planning, support in their decision-making processes and maximized the ROI on various projects.

BIM Consulting Services benefits for Real Estate Developers:

Some of the BIM solutions services with prime interest of Real Estate Developers are Architectural BIM Modeling, Clash Detection, BIM coordination, etc.

Have a new project? Contact us and discuss the project requirements with our team of experts. Team of AEC Digital Solutions will be glad to assist you.

We have been primarily working with general contractors, catering them with our CAD to BIM services, based on the project’s requirement. Our BIM for general  contractors include BIM coordination services, 3D Architectural Modeling, Clash Detection, 4D Sequencing, MEP Modeling, Shop Drawings Services and the list goes on.

AEC Digital Solutions LLC provides BIM for general contractors for the successful and timely completion of large-scale construction projects by providing various  computer-aided design (CAD) solutions. A major percentage of our clients are general contractors and we have huge experience of working with BIM for general contractors from various countries of the world like USA, UK, India, etc.

Structural & Architectural Modeling

We provide 3D models for contractors by Modeling the structural elements like footings, beams, slabs, columns, steel trusses and other steel structures, etc. as well as architectural elements including stairs, doors, windows, internal walls, etc. It helps contractors to detect clashes, check for interference’s and find out clash-free solutions for the same.

MEP Modeling

AEC Digital Solutions focuses on providing world-class MEP Modeling services to general contractors. Our experienced and qualified professional team members offer various MEP Modeling services including MEP 3D Modeling, Shop Drawings, Fabrication Drawings, Detailed section views and schedules, etc. Our talented and experienced electrical and mechanical engineers can produce detailed MEP design drawings for all MEPF disciplines.

Clash Detection & Coordination

We provide full BIM Coordination & Clash Detection Services with which the contractors get all information they want to identify and solve the interface between various building systems effectively and easily. The competent and effective coordination drawings provided by our efficient MEP engineers help resolves issues in the pre-construction stage and thus save cost and time.

Scan To BIM

Nowadays, a number of contractors use Scan to BIM Modeling Services, as it gives a different approach to refurbishment and renovation works. It captures the as-built environment using 3D laser scanning technology and imports the data into BIM software like AutoDesk Revit and Navisworks. We have highly efficient architects and BIM modelers to deliver world-class quality as-built surveys using Point Cloud Laser Scan.

Fabrication Drawings

AEC Digital Solutions LLC has a very experienced and skilled team that can handle a wide range of fabrication drawings for industrial, residential and commercial structures. Using the latest CAD technology, they produce different fabrication drawing services like tender drawings, installation drawings, sketch drawings, schematic drawings, working drawings, etc.

Shop Drawings

Shop Drawings, in general sense, is a 3 dimensional drawing that consist of three ‘detailed’ views, namely plans, elevations and sections. At AEC Digital Solutions, we deliver the best solutions for shop drawings services with the help of diverse skill sets of our experts. Shop Drawings produce support for design-build projects in different areas including structural grids, composite drawings, electrical component technical drawing, ductwork drawings, equipment placement, etc.

Several contractors from various corners of the word approach AEC Digital Solutions for all the services mentioned above. We also do bits and pieces of these projects as well. Our experience of working on a BIM for General Contractors out-stand’s AEC Digital Solutions from its competitors.


Have a new project? Contact us and discuss the project requirements with our team of experts. Team of AEC Digital Solutions will be glad to assist you.

Engineering is a huge vertical in itself. AEC Digital Solutions LLC has been serving engineering firms with MEP BIM Services, BIM Modeling Services, MEP Co-ordination Services, CAD Conversion Services, Clash Detection etc. We have a pool of engineers, drafters and modelers with years of experience in working with different softwares, ensuring a high-quality output. We have worked with MEP contractors & manufacturers, Building Product Manufacturers, Structural Engineers and Fabricators on various projects.

Our team of engineers has an extensive experience in working on big projects on MEP services which include residential, hospitality, educational institutions, retail outlets’ projects etc. As the years passed and the experience increases, our team is now capable of handling any type of projects from anywhere in the world.

MEP Designers & Contractors

Typical engineering firms are involved in Mechanical, Engineering & Plumbing services for building industry as they are either offering one or all the MEP BIM Services.

AEC Digital Solutions coordinates with the MEP consultants through the entire phase of generating an MEP 3D Model and further coordinating the process of a project bygenerating drawings along with the developed 3D Models etc.

Building Product Manufacturers

Adoption of BIM is widely happening in Building Product Manufacturing industries. the wide acceptance of BIM has urged the interest of building product manufacturers in adopting BIM.

We help to build product manufacturers with BIM family creation services. There has been a regular& increasing demand noticed in Revit content creation service from building product manufacturers as their need matches the needs of the clients who are using BIM on their projects

Structural Engineers

Structural Engineers are holding a major chunk of our clientele. AEC Digital Solutions LLC has been assisting structural engineers with structural 2D Drafting, structural detailing and Structural BIM Modeling services. Whether it is about engineering fabrication drawings, shop drawings, clash detection and coordination in structural model, our team is well equipped with the required experience and exposure of catering to these requirements of our clients.


With such years of experience in generating precise shop drawings and fabrications drawings for our Fabricator clientele, we understand the ins and out of their project needs. Our BIM services cater them with different design activities, which includes digital fabrication and shop drawings of building components; hence reducing wastage as well extra efforts in preparing building components and assembly.


Have a new project? Contact us and discuss the project requirements with our team of experts. We will be glad to assist you.

Design & Build Contractors have widely started applying BIM (especially Architectural BIM Services) in both the detailed design and construction phase. The integration of BIM tools into design-build firms has given a boost to efficient construction and project management in this industry.

Our prime customers are majorly in the US, and those are primarily design-build contractors who are mainly in need for any of the Architectural BIM Services, BIM cost estimation, 3D Modeling services, CAD Drafting and Conversion services.

AEC Digital Solutions has been working with Design-Build firms, since its beginning. Most of our clienteles in USA and India are contractors offering design-build services. In past years, we as a team, have understood and experienced that collaboration via BIM could be optimally achieved with a design-build firm as the project teams at design-build firms work jointly on the execution of all and any construction project.

The team of AEC Digital Solutions, has assisted several design-build firms with different BIM services. From the basic level of BIM 3D Modeling services, wherein we generate BIM 3D Models with the elements of 2D for our clients to the second level wherein we the firm is in the process of implementing BIM in the design and operations process.

Are you a design-build contractor? Here are the services we can assist you with:


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The growth and development of any new technology in this industry starts with Architects. Whether its BIM or AutoCAD, architects are the primary users as well as adopters of these new technologies. AEC Digital Solutions has been working with both individual Architects and Architectural firms, by providing Architectural Drafting Services. Due to the extensive experience of working with architects in different geographies, our team has sound knowledge of all the different global standards and codes used.

AEC Digital Solutions LLC is currently engaged with architects to provide them with high-quality BIM solutions and Architectural Drafting services on time and also within budget. Majority of our clients are based in USA, UK, India and Australia. Our team has been working on a wide variety of projects and are at different stages of the design process. Our global footprint facilitates region-specific domain knowledge of the codes and regulations.

The stages at which we can assist the architects are as follows:

We assist in the above listed stages through 3D modeling where we also develop further details of the building e.g interior design.We also produce 3600 views for the architectural as well as interior projects. The models thus created are then used for developing good for construction drawings, shop drawings, installation drawings, etc.

Architectural 3D Modeling:

We provide a range of architectural 3D modeling services to our clients to aid the design, planning and visualization phase of construction projects. These include: Revit BIM 3D Models, Point Cloud 3D BIM Models, 3D CAD Building Models, Sketch-Up Models, and many more.

We also provide BIM 3D Modeling Services during the design and development phase of a project and through its construction phase. This technology helps to connect and collaborate with multiple teams and project stakeholders involved in various stages during the design of an architectural project.

Architectural Drafting:

Our architectural CAD services team is led by qualified architects who manage all projects from requirement gathering until delivery. We provide our clients with architectural drafting services, architectural detailing services, detailed construction and architectural drawings.

Initially, we worked with architects and architectural firms to provide simple architectural drafting services to clients. Later, we expanded our range to encompass construction documentation, Revit BIM Modeling services, Clash Detection and design documentation during pre-construction.


Throughout the adoption of BIM, architects have seen their fair share of stumbling blocks. The implementation of an expanded BIM resource pool ensures value-added services to their clients, therefore improving revenues and residual business.

AEC Digital Solutions provide the best virtual design and construction services by inputting a series of information that help in creating 3D BIM Models. The models that are finally generated are free from all potential issues that arise during construction. The models produces initially are 3D coordinated and made clash free by raising RFIs and consulting with concerned consultants.


Services for architectural and interior design firms include but are not limited to:



Have a new project? Contact us and discuss the project requirements with our team of experts. We will be glad to assist you.