Real Estate GIS Services

Whether you work for a commercial real estate agency, multiple listing service (MLS), home builder, or property management department in a corporation, we bring the geographic advantage to you. Location drives the real estate industry. It’s not just about finding any site but finding the best site. Real Estate GIS Services companies count on GIS technology to deliver the results they need. By analyzing data around locations—demographics, aerial photographs, traffic counts, shopping center usage, merchandise potential data, and competitive influences—they can find properties to match exacting specifications. GIS helps the real estate industry to analyze, report, map, and model the merits of one site or location over another. From identifying the best fit for new commercial development or matching a homebuyer’s decision criteria to managing a property portfolio, we deliver the answers needed to make the best choice in real estate.

  • Infrastructure Inventory Map
  • Site selection for Infrastructure
  • Land use planning & analysis
  • Plan Implementation
  • plan evaluation, monitoring and feedback
  • improved communication during crisis
  • Utility network (hydraulic, sewage & gas) mapping & analysis
  • plan transparency for citizen management
  • location survey & land acquisition (as per ROR)
  • Development of planning & feasibility Study