Engineering is a huge vertical in itself. AEC Digital Solutions LLC has been serving engineering firms with MEP BIM Services, BIM Modeling Services, MEP Co-ordination Services, CAD Conversion Services, Clash Detection etc. We have a pool of engineers, drafters and modelers with years of experience in working with different softwares, ensuring a high-quality output. We have worked with MEP contractors & manufacturers, Building Product Manufacturers, Structural Engineers and Fabricators on various projects.

Our team of engineers has an extensive experience in working on big projects on MEP services which include residential, hospitality, educational institutions, retail outlets’ projects etc. As the years passed and the experience increases, our team is now capable of handling any type of projects from anywhere in the world.

MEP Designers & Contractors

Typical engineering firms are involved in Mechanical, Engineering & Plumbing services for building industry as they are either offering one or all the MEP BIM Services.

AEC Digital Solutions coordinates with the MEP consultants through the entire phase of generating an MEP 3D Model and further coordinating the process of a project bygenerating drawings along with the developed 3D Models etc.

Building Product Manufacturers

Adoption of BIM is widely happening in Building Product Manufacturing industries. the wide acceptance of BIM has urged the interest of building product manufacturers in adopting BIM.

We help to build product manufacturers with BIM family creation services. There has been a regular& increasing demand noticed in Revit content creation service from building product manufacturers as their need matches the needs of the clients who are using BIM on their projects

Structural Engineers

Structural Engineers are holding a major chunk of our clientele. AEC Digital Solutions LLC has been assisting structural engineers with structural 2D Drafting, structural detailing and Structural BIM Modeling services. Whether it is about engineering fabrication drawings, shop drawings, clash detection and coordination in structural model, our team is well equipped with the required experience and exposure of catering to these requirements of our clients.


With such years of experience in generating precise shop drawings and fabrications drawings for our Fabricator clientele, we understand the ins and out of their project needs. Our BIM services cater them with different design activities, which includes digital fabrication and shop drawings of building components; hence reducing wastage as well extra efforts in preparing building components and assembly.


Have a new project? Contact us and discuss the project requirements with our team of experts. We will be glad to assist you.