AEC Digital Solutions LLC is an expert in outsourcing BIM Modeling Services creating comprehensive and customized construction documentation sets. The construction documentations which are created by AEC Digital Solutions are of high quality and standards.

AEC Digital Solutions LLC  provides all CAD services and assistance which is required for the documentation of a construction project. We provide complete quantity estimation services for your construction project. We also perform quality control checks, do tendering & analysis of types of prices and bidding involved, Bid documentation according to all disciplines and also assist in documenting the specifications of the project.

Our Construction Documentation services include detailed working drawings which are majorly used by the builders, contractors and suppliers for determining the actual cost of the project including the designing and the construction part.

We at AEC Digital Solutions LLC assure 100%  accuracy, technical expertise and superior quality output, all of it within short time period and at competent prices. AEC Digital Solutions understands your requirements better than anyone in the business.

Our Construction Documentation Services offer:

  • Access to advanced technology assets
  • Leveraging expertise and knowledge of trained professionals
  • Increased bandwidth for transferring heavy images
  • Comprehensive and expert solutions
  • Reduced turnaround time for process
  • Superior quality outputs


AEC Digital Solutions LLC creates an all inclusive construction documentation sets for :

  • All residential buildings and bungalows
  • Sports and commercial buildings (hotels, malls, etc.)
  • Industrial buildings (warehouses having attached offices)
  • Apartment blocks & office complexes, using input drawings from the design development phase.
  • We also provide space analysis, planning, designing and facility integration & management services.


Have a new project to discuss?? Contact us and discuss with our team of experts. We will be glad to offer our services to you.