BIM coordination is essentially the collaboration of all the three major disciplines of BIM with the help of a tool that will simplify, align and improve

overall project design. Today, BIM coordination has become an essential element in the design and process of modern construction all over the world.

Our BIM coordination services bring together all the different renderings of the project and create a collaborative clash-free visualization

of the design.

BIM coordination enhances the purpose and operability of the BIM modeling software and ensures that projects do not get delayed and

or incur unnecessary

expenses for the construction team as well as clients.

With a skilled workforce and software expertise, we constantly deliver high quality MEP services for plans, section drawings, elevations, and more.

Every aspect of our  Services is targeted at accurate project erection through high-end realistic & functional shop drawings and

coordination services.

BIM Co-ordination Services process-map:

  • Data Collection-All the essential data including inputs and specifications are collected from clients.
  • Idea Development –A brainstorming session, in which the data provided by the client is thoroughly examined, throws up creative ideas to launch the project in a user-friendly manner.
  • Management – Experienced engineers work on the project as a team.
  • Coordination– Latest software is used to create the required designs.
  • Data Presentation– In conclusion, a high quality, structured project road-map is presented to clients.