Since 3D BIM Modeling & Visualization are gaining popularity, Architects, MEP Design Firms, Structural Engineers, General Contractors, Mechanical & Electrical Contractors, Retailers, Construction Companies and Developers are adopting this technology to a great extent.

And, in this regard AEC Digital Solutions LLC has come forward as one of the leading 3D BIM Modeling & Visualization service provider across the globe.

3D BIM Modeling

At AEC Digital Solutions we allow our clients to get complete control of all the building systems via our 3D BIM Modeling services.

With the help of our 3D BIM Models, we assist the construction companies/clients in visualizing all the schematic structures before

the project starts and accordingly offer better planning for their projects. The Model is graphically represented as a specific system,

object or assembly in terms of shape, size, location, quantity and orientation with(without when required) detailing, fabrication, assembly,

and installation information. We also attach the non-graphic information with the Model Element.

3D Visualization

Engineers at AEC Digital Solutions LLC are specialized in constructing the virtual 3D Models, by using a wide range of inputs,

comprising of designing contents, contract drawings, hand sketches and specification sheets. We bring to life those

BIM Models by using softwares like AutoDesk 3D & Design Visualization Softwares. We are also leveraging 3D’s Max

and Revit to make our BM Models meet the exact requirement of our clients with professional animation, 3D modeling and texturing.


Have a new project? Contact us and discuss the project requirements with our team of experts. We will be glad to offer our services to you.