Our Company Profile

AEC Digital Solutions LLC is a US based company with a studio in India. It was setup with the objective of providing comprehensive end-to-end customized services & solutions to AEC industry globally. AEC Digital Solutions LLC is an engineering firm delivering quality Building Information Modeling (BIM) & CAD solutions to clients in USA, UK, India & Europe. AEC Digital Solutions is promoted by practicing professionals in AEC industry based in USA & India with over 10+years of combined experience in global Architectural Services.

We provide BIM services to AEC firms worldwide, supporting their BIM adoption and programs. Currently we are working with architects, Engineers, Contractors, Owners and Product Manufacturers on projects worldwide.

Our core services include BIM studio, Virtual Construction, Content Creation, Scan to BIM and 3D Visualization. Apart from working on Revit platform, we have the experience of successfully delivering projects on Bently AECOsim and MicroStation platforms.

With a team of internationally trained, experienced AEC professionals, working with a deep understanding of technology and global construction standards, AEC Digital Solutions assists its clients worldwide in their prestigious Building Construction and Infrastructure projects.

A cutting edge, versatile studio with exceptional BIM experience.

Our Studio Team comprises 50+ architects and engineers, averages 10+ years of BIM work experience and this reflects in our written-in-stone attitude towards our work, our deadlines and our clients. having cut our teeth on a wide span of projects including residential, mixed-use, commercial, healthcare, educational and retail sectors, we have developed an understanding that ensures our competence working for both public and private sectors. We have 250+ successful BIM projects and 250+ satisfied clients to back our word.

Core Team Members

Our strong workforce is the backbone of our success. And this workforce is leaded by:

Artee Rana

Artee Rana

Studio Director, AEC Digital Solutions LLC, India

AEC Digital Solutions LLC’s Indian Studio Director, Artee Rana has a work experience of more than 20 years. In addition to serving as the Studio Director, India, she oversees all financial, marketing and personnel issues. In this dynamic industry, she is well respected for her leadership, expertise & overall ability to further the success and enviable market position of AEC Digital Solutions LLC.

She has a tremendous track record of managing large scale BIM projects for International customers in different genres - Residential, Retail, High end apartments, Mall Fit outs, Banks, Sports and recreational, Plant room, Research Center.

She is also responsible for overall project scheduling, delivery, quality control, training & development.

Ankur Sardana

Ankur Sardana

Head Business Development, “Makes Business Happen”

As the head of Business Development, with his rich experience of putting sales strategies, targets and revenue generation into place, his ultimate responsibility is to oversee all sales & marketing efforts in addition to fostering and managing relationships & business planning with AEC Digital Solutions LLC’s strategic partners/clients.

A highly motivated, creative and resourceful executive with 11 years of work experience, Ankur heads the international business in US, UK & Middle East regions. He possess strengths in areas of customer acquisition, account management and the ability to transform business challenges into Opportunities & Growth.

Talat Ali Baig

Talat Ali Baig

Associate Project Manager, AEC Digital Solutions LLC

Having a 6 years of experience in Architectural Design & Planning, Talat has an experience across different sectors; housing, hotels, institutions, residential buildings and malls. Being the Associate Project Manager, his job responsibilities include elaborating & detailing of the main concepts, managing & organizing the design teams, coordinating with the consultants and specialist vendors.

A person having a creative approach towards problem solving, based on site and techno-commercial experience, Talat has a strong technical discipline, visualization skills & achieves his goals by following building operations.

Ajit Kumar

Ajit Kumar, Associate Project Manager (MEP)

Associate Project Manager, AEC Digital Solutions LLC

Ajit being the associate project manager operates as a critical member of the MEP Division's strategic planning. He assists in the development of standard operating procedures relevant to mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering. He also supports in developing and monitoring project performance against strategies & plans and takes actions necessary to ensure achievement of goals and objectives.

Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar, Project Lead MEP

Associate Project Manager, AEC Digital Solutions LLC

Having an experience of 5 years, Manoj supports the MEP Division in providing leadership and technical expertise in the key areas of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing engineering. Being the Project Lead, he is directly responsible for ensuring the quality in keeping with international best practices and national construction standards.

Anil Kumar Deo

Anil Kumar Deo, Project Lead (MEP)

Associate Project Manager, AEC Digital Solutions LLC

Being the Project Lead, Anil assists clients in preparation of user requirements, ensuring clarity of goals and client expectations. His work and responsibilities includes monitoring activities and taking necessary action for ensuring the milestones are achieved. He also recommends design modifications for eliminating the system malfunctions, ensures adherence to quality control and monitors compliance with building and safety codes.

Manish Sharma

Manish Sharma, Associate Project Manager (Architecture)

Associate Project Manager, AEC Digital Solutions LLC

Manish has an experience of 5 years in Architectural Designing & Planning. He has worked across different genres including housing, hotels, institutions, residential buildings and malls. Having a creative approach towards problem solving, Manish also has strong creative and visualization skills.

Manish develops and maintains prototypes as well as site specific details based on industry best-practices and drawing files. He coordinates with architectural staff to ensure new prototypical details are issued in all active projects.

Ankita Sharma

Anikta Sharma, Associate Project Manager (Architecture)

Associate Project Manager, AEC Digital Solutions LLC

Well-versed with all the international architecture standards, Ankita has a vast experience in Architecture, Renovations & Interiors and she serves USA & UK market. Her capabilities in developing and getting quality work delivered, with the quality services to various international clients has earned her repeated appreciation from them.

Ankita leads and directs architectural project teams during the design, development and construction administration phases of a project. She is responsible for coordinating and assembling sets of the project  documents. She reviews and processes project submittals, RFI's and change management documents during all phases of the project.

Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar, Team Lead BIM Architecture

Associate Project Manager, AEC Digital Solutions LLC

Naveen has been almost for a decade in this industry. His commitment to this organization is commendable and his nurturing attitude has helped build a strong team & confident team of architects and Revit family creators. He believes in guffawing at the problems and smiling his way through. Naveen performs the BIM Content development approval for all the projects. He also assists in deploying project-templates on specific projects and ensuring team adherence to them.

Performing the role of a team lead, Naveen coordinates with professional staff on reviewing models and comments. He carries out high level of communication and fosters teamwork to assemble a work environment for different individuals representing multiple disciplines to achieve optimum BIM performance.


Sudha, Associate Project Manager (Architecture)

Associate Project Manager, AEC Digital Solutions LLC

Sudha is a connoisseur architect with 9 years of experience. She develops the best practices for project management and execution. She also manages the quality assurance/quality control checks. Sudha's responsibilities also includes recommending and coordinating integrity and performance testing.

Prerna Kamboj

Prerna Kamboj, Senior Project Lead (Architecture)

Associate Project Manager, AEC Digital Solutions LLC

Having an experience of 5 years in this field, Prerna is an expert in Architecture, Renovations & Interiors. She has an amazing portfolio with positive feedbacks from all her clients from USA & UK.

Carrying out the role of a senior project lead, Prerna partners and collaborates with the team members in other divisions to ensure the successful outcome of all assigned projects. She creates presentation drawings and rendered exhibits for submittal to both the external and internal stakeholders.

Thomas Clint

Thomas Clint, BIM Engineer

Associate Project Manager, AEC Digital Solutions LLC

Thomas is a highly-organized, detail-oriented, hardworking and have the ability to effectively manage multiple tasks simultaneously. He posses excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Thomas makes sure that the project teams use client approved systems for managing BIM process, files and submittals correctly. He manages the development of the project from initiation to the closure and also develops high-performance team through supervision, training and mentoring.