In the new rural planning, GIS with its powerful spatial analysis and efficient data query capabilities, highlights its advantages in rural planning, the new rural planning more scientific, reasonable. Therefore, the application of GIS is the planning of the recognized and is being considered by most of the pollster.

From the GIS created, it would be capable of handling the massive aspatial and spatial data, for taking decision for optimum utilization of available resources in the respective panchayat, gram-panchayat or the municipality corporation.  Through reasonable and effective application of GIS, the scientific, practical, normative and accuracy performance  of new rural planning are being improved. Some of the areas getting better with the help of GIS are:

  • Administrative Boundaries
  • Rural Land records mapping
  • Rural Asset Mapping
  • Critical Navigation Services in the far-flung rural areas
  • Socio-economic data analysis
  • Rural land use planning
  • Management for Rural Public Engagement