Revolutionary Change in the Scanning Technology

Scan to BIM services are applicable in architecture, mechanical,electrical, structural, plumbing, and other disciplines which might require a much faster way for tendering the model of the structure. These services can assist in covering the surface structure and tracing from point cloud data. It can also provide point cloud to BIM – 4D for scheduling, 5D for cost estimation, 7D for facility management, and 6D for sustainability optimization. The providers of such services are able to scan the structure and make results compatible with the software they are comfortable with.

Projects and plans which involves renovation and retrofitting, can be benefited from laser scanning, which is used for recording each-&- every aspect and feature of a structure for producing an accurate model. Scan to BIM has revolutionized the way builders are working on their projects – especially when retrofitting or renovating old buildings, as the plans of these structures may be unavailable or have already been lost.

With Scan to BIM, you can capture all the detailed information about the building without any need for looking at the old plans and drawings. In this way, the Scan to BIM service enables accurate and precise usage of data. It also helps in speeding up the completion process of the project, by eliminating all the guesswork involved in determining an the structure of old building. This service will help you measure points in the scan to find the true dimensions of the building/ structure, and you can also import or export the data in the format which your software supports. Scan to BIM is also useful in reading the survey data which is meant for as-built conditions.

With this service, building renovations can be carried out safely and efficiently without affecting the original structure’s integrity.