AEC celebrates 2nd anniversary

AEC celebrates 2nd anniversary

AEC digital solutions LLC, one of the leading outsourced service provider in BIM for top-tier

global  AEC (Architecture, engineering  and  construction)  firms,  celebrates its 2nd  anniversary.

Two  years  ago,  AEC digital  solutions  was formed to become the next great BIM service provider company, a company focused on hiring the best architecture and engineers, and delivering 100% customer success.

Founder  and  President   Rajesh  Garg  said, “Over  the  past  two  years, we’ve  introduced

incredible innovation into the AEC industry. AEC digital solutions has ventured into a new field

of BIM modeling of commercial kitchen layout and Parametric content creation. I am immensely

proud  to  be leading  a team of people  who strive  for perfection every day and relentlessly  work

to build  the strongest BIM content creation team and deliver incredible service  to  our  clients.

We  would  like  to  say a big  ‘Thank You’  to our present  and  past clients,  partners,  vendors,

colleagues  and  all  those  with whom  we have been in contact directly  or  indirectly.  We  are appreciative  of  your   continuous  support,  business   and encouragement during this tenure.”

National  Sales  Director  (USA)   Paul  Fiore  said,  “In  this  two  year  period   AEC  digital solutions

LLC  successfully  completed  more  than 100 projects worldwide. We constantly seek  ways  to

improve  what  we  are  doing  in order to satisfy the needs of our clients and bring the company

to a new level. We are glad to be renowned as one of the market leaders in the field of commercial kitchen layout and parametric content creation.“