BIM Level 3: The Future of BIM

BIM Level 3

USA based BIM service provider AEC Digital Solutions LLC has adopted BIM Level 2 and

successfully executed projects in North America and Europe. Now they are in the process

to adopt BIM Level 3 execution.

Here is a brief on progress of BIM over time:

The Building and construction industry has been passing through an evolutionary phase.

There are countless technologies that are entering into the arena; in fact, most of them

have been instrumental in changing face of the industry. Of these numerous technologies, Building Information Modeling or BIM has proved to be ‘the game-changer’ in all sense. This process of

creating a digital prototype of a building has improved the flow of data through the building

process, and, therefore, ensure extreme efficiencies.
From the time BIM was first introduced; it has come a long way! – From level 0 to level 3

(the current one); it has become more advanced, more streamlined and more effective in the

past couple of years. And now, when level 3 is already published; one need to know in detail

what exactly is level 3 and its implications for BIM in general as well as BIM Facility management in particular.

Level 0

Unmanaged CAD in 2D with paper (or electronic paper) data exchange.

Level 1

Managed CAD in 2D or 3D format with a collaborative tool providing a common data environment with a standardised approach to data structure and format. Commercial data will be managed by standalone finance and cost management packages with no integration.

Level 2

A managed 3D environment held in separate discipline ‘BIM’ tools with data attached. Commercial data will be managed by enterprise resource planning software and integrated by proprietary interfaces. This level of BIM may utilise 4D construction sequencing and/or 5D cost information.

Level 3

A fully integrated and collaborative process enabled by ‘web services’ and compliant with emerging Industry Foundation Class (IFC) standards. This level of BIM will utilise 4D construction sequencing, 5D cost information and 6D project lifecycle management information.

About AEC digital solutions LLC

Headquartered in USA, AEC Digital Solutions LLC is a leading outsourced service provider in CAD and BIM (Revit and Bentley) having a global presence and operations in India. It offers BIM Modeling and support services such as BIM Studio, Virtual Design & Construction, BIM Content Creation, Commercial Kitchen Layout & Content Creation, Scan to BIM, BIM Integration and Documentation services. The team comprises of seasoned professionals – Architects and Engineers, having an average BIM experience of 8 years.

BIM Level 3