BIM Projects Through Real-Time Work-Share

BIM Projects Through Real-Time Work-Share

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is rapidly expanding around the globe and while there are

many advantages to the deployment of modeling technology, one aspect that is currently being

lauded are its benefits to collaboration within design teams and project participants, in federated

and highly disconnected building industries.

While many firms wrestle with getting their BIM workgroup implementations working on desktops

in an office, AEC Digital Solutions is aiming to revolutionize collaboration by completing BIM projects successfully on the cloud. AEC Digital Solutions LLC is a USA-based Company, providing BIM Modeling and support services to the AECO industry.

AEC Digital Solutions has been working with several clients across the globe to explore various ways

of collaborating real-time on Talon FAST software. AEC Digital Solutions recently completed a large

scale commercial project in UK for an architectural firm based out of London by offering its BIM

work-share services from its BIM Studio in New Delhi, India. Talon FAST helped AECdsl team to work

on the same BIM model file as the client teams in London & Shanghai offices.

The centralized data and files were maintained at the client’s office while extending simultaneous file accessibility into the AECdsl studio to complete tasks which were updated real-time on the main file. This enabled high performance and real-time collaboration between remote teams using cloud-based server. Working on a real-time cloud-based BIM technology, the various project teams were connected seamlessly and BIM workflows were more streamlined.