Commercial Kitchen layout modeling

AEC digital solutions has ventured into a new field of BIM modeling of commercial kitchen layout. “We are very excited to start new venture into the commercial kitchen layout modeling in AEC digital solutions LLC at a time when BIM adoption is accelerating” said Rajesh Garg, Founder & President.

BIM is the means by which everybody can understand a building through the use of a digital model. In commercial kitchen layout modeling, BIM elements have both the physical and logical characteristics of their real counterparts. In other words, BIM elements are the digital prototype of the physical building elements like columns, windows, walls, doors, stairs, MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) and other kitchen equipments etc. BIM can also generate multiple drawings from one model, namely reflected ceiling plans, floor plans, sections, elevations, details, schedules and much more.

Why AEC digital solutions –

  • Largest team of trained architecture & engineers
  • Experienced in all aspects of kitchen equipment layout
  • Model project in 3D
  • Equipment specifications and cut-sheets used from schematic phase through completion
  • Working drawings produced directly from collision models using Revit / BIM
  • Enables accurate comprehensive construction documents that work in the field
  • Assure plumbing, electrical etc. is correctly dimensioned
  • Eliminates ‘disconnects’ at every project phase
  • Team interacts with project owners to make revisions that help prevent job site challenges