Construction Documentation & Detailing

What is Construction Documentation?

Construction Documentation & Detailing

Construction documents incorporate all building plans, supporting documents and specifications utilized during the completion of a construction project. These are comprehensive drawings offering

sequential data as regards to each step of the construction process to all project stake holders.

Construction documents help in translating the needs to the owner or developer into a build-able

format, which can be universally comprehended within the construction industry. They also allow the owner to obtain permits from local authorities and to put the project out for bid. Construction documents provide comprehensive instructions to the contractor with regard to how the project should be constructed.

The preparation of construction documentation represents one of the major core competencies of architects. The work requires knowledge of principles, conventions, standards, applications,

and restrictions pertaining to the manufacture and use of construction materials, components, and assemblies. In the documentation process, the architect must be able to make technically

concise descriptions and execute drawings and other documentation for the proposed design.

What is Detailing?

Detailing is perhaps one of the most crucial skills used in construction documentation. This is because

the nature and quality of architectural detailing contributes to how the building is built, what it will

look like, what it will cost,and how long it may take to build. For these reasons, staff involved in the documentation process should have a thorough understanding of the methods and techniques used

in building construction. This includes knowing how various materials are connected or attached and how they interact when brought together.

The preparation of construction documents requires a systematic review process to ensure that all discipline packages (e.g., structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, lighting, audiovisual, interiors, etc.) are coordinated and properly integrated.

How does AECdsl offer Construction Documentation & Detailing services?

AEC Digital Solutions LLC (a USA based Company), with global presence and operations in India, is

one of the leading service provider in BIM (Revit and Bentley) with an in-house team of trained

Architects and Engineers using BIM software such as Autodesk Revit, Bentley AECOsim, Bentley MicroStation, Solibri, Navisworks and CAD Duct. AECdsl provides BIM Modeling and support services

such as BIM Studio, Virtual Design & Construction, BIM Content Creation, Scan to BIM, BIM Integration and Documentation services.

Construction Documentation and Detailing services are generally provided to clients through development of BIM models to requisite Level of Detailing followed by extraction of documentation from BIM. AECdsl also offers 2 dimensional documentation services on AutoCAD for projects that are not undertaken on Revit or Bentley AECOsim.

Typically, the client provides the drawings, plans, elevations and sections following the design development phase, where AECdsl team coordinates with various services and commence work on drawings of elevation, dimensioning, sections and wall sections, calculating and tagging the number of detail drawings on completion of planning. Then the AECdsl team begins developing details of critical construction area as indicated by the basic sketch provided by the clients. The drawings are then subjected to a multifold quality check in order to ensure maximum quality and accuracy.