Outsourcing of Shop Drawings

Outsourcing of Shop Drawings is cost effective for Contractors and Manufacturers

AEC digital solutions LLC, a leading shop drawings outsourcing services provider collaborates

with manufacturers and contractors to provide cost effective shop drawings solutions.

Shop Drawings are an important part of every construction project. They provide accurate information related to each aspect of the pre-fabricated components of the project to be designed. Quality

shop drawings contain accurate representations of a product and the information i.e. dimensions

and specifications that are needed by the architect or engineer to develop that product. Once you have ensured that the information compiled in shop drawings is accurate, the project success is guaranteed.

Shop drawings communicate how well a contractor or manufacturer has understood the design

intent and forms the submittals that are sent to the architect or engineer for approval. Moreover, they require proficiency in the use of computer aided design (CAD) tools and expensive CAD software. For these reasons, contractors and manufacturers prefer to outsource the drafting work. Outsourcing

shop drawings drafting to a professional CAD designer ensures accurate drafting and avoids

inaccuracies that can otherwise lead to mass errors in the final product. Outsourcing also proves to

be cost effective as setting up an entire department to design shop drawings and purchasing CAD tools involves high costs.

AEC digital solutions LLC, a leading BIM services and shop drawings outsourcing services provider collaborates with manufacturers and contractors to provide cost effective shop drawings solutions. Our shop drawings translate the design concepts into a detailed fabrication road map. We draft shop drawings that solve connection issues by recommending details that work based on a comprehensive knowledge of our components and how things work on the jobsite. For example, an accurately designed BIM wall system lets a large percentage of material to be pre-cut to precise dimensions off-site. This results in considerable labour and material savings.

AEC digital solutions LLC follows customized approach and processes for clients to fit into their requirements and workflows. Experienced project managers, who are responsible for the delivery of projects to predefined quality standards, manage our projects. The designated project manager assesses the requirements, construction specifications and standards to be followed for that particular project. Post this, a well-defined project flow is determined to decide the responsibilities and turnaround schedules of the team members. Multiple quality checks are done to ensure the delivery of accurate standards.

About AEC digital solutions LLC

Headquartered in USA, AEC Digital Solutions LLC is a leading outsourced service provider in CAD and BIM (Revit and Bentley) having a global presence and operations in India. It offers BIM Modelling and support services such as BIM Studio, Virtual Design & Construction, BIM Content Creation, Commercial Kitchen Layout & Content Creation, Scan to BIM, BIM Integration and Documentation services. The team comprises of seasoned professionals – Architects and Engineers, having an average BIM experience of 8 years.