Skills That Makes An Architect Stand Out

Architects are the building blocks of any society. If it were not for the Architects, we would not have seen beautiful and strong infrastructure around us. Environment friendly buildings, space utilization and technical advancement etc. are thought about and implemented by Architects. How is this possible? As we all know being a qualified Architect and a skilled Architect are two different aspects. There are specific qualities that one should possess to be a good design Architect.

Ability to Visualize

This is one of the key skill that can take the Architects places. If you do not have a visualization power or an ability to imagine you cannot excel within this field. Construction of some of the most magnificent buildings prove this theory. The ability to imagine and portray complex design is very important. There are multiple software that allow an Architect to get a complete 3D geometry of an abstract design. All of it can be derived from visualization skills. Quantum of information that is present in a design drawing or 3d Model depends on the Architect’s ability to imagine.   Space utilization part is also dependent on the Architect’s ability to design and offer maximum utilization with minimum space.

Understanding the building codes and standards

It is vital for the Architect to have a clear understanding of the building standards and codes according to the geographical locations. Even the aesthetics should be developed based on the geographical location and local taste of the people. We cannot have flat roof in areas receiving heavy snowfall.  Also the color shades, landscape, furnishing, wall types, glass type etc. should reflect the overall climatic conditions and location specific style. Every country has a typical taste and interior specifications which the Architect has to keep in mind while designing the project. Apart from these elements, the building standards and design codes that are specific for that location has to be kept in mind while designing any building to avoid construction approval issues.

Utilization of technology

Another important aspect is using appropriate and latest technologies for accomplishment of the project. Post digital revolution, even construction and Architectural Design projects are now technology dependent. Previously Architects designed conceptually using the sketching technique, today right from conceptual design through Architectural Construction Drawings, we use software like Revit, ArchiCAD etc. With the help of Virtual Construction Modelling, Architects can work on Architectural BIM Modelling and create multiple design options for residences, apartments, single family homes etc. Even commercial premise designing, complex hotels and resorts etc. can be executed under the flagship of Architectural BIM Services. Construction Documents that Architects develop for onsite construction can also be completed using Revit leading to easy last minute changes, presentation in 2D and 3D both.

By using digital platforms, an Architect can differentiate himself from the rest of the crowd. This can be a unique selling point for his work and can help him deliver projects with speed along with accuracy. Some of the Architectural projects that can be accomplished with the software and technology includes 3D floor plans, 3D rendering services, Architectural BIM Modelling, Revit Construction Drawings etc. 

Ability to multi-task and coordinate

Multitasking and ability to coordinate with different teams is a very important aspect for being a good Architect.  You can never be all in one Architect even with 10 years’ experience. The innate ability to cooperate and get work done through multiple agencies is very important. Since this is a BIM era, having a collaborative approach is very important.  Since Virtual Design Construction promotes collaborative meetings for accurate clash detection, BIM Coordination to eliminate issues before construction, Architects have to be open to suggestions and ideas. Not working with a cohesive approach can be devastating for an Architect’s profession.

Soft Skills

Being an Architect comes with a lot of responsibilities in terms of project execution and communication. As we already discussed the importance of having a collaborative approach, the importance of having good communication, presentation and negotiation skills cannot be overruled.  It is imperative that the Architects are able to converse with the client assertively on the issues, design and pricing. The communication is such that the clients are able to understand the design intent clearly and understand the value the design brings to their construction process. Project success depends a lot on the integration of ideas and the want of the end client.    It is very important that Architect possesses excellent communication skills, power point or presentation abilities and creativity to present architects need soft skills for presenting projects, integrating ideas, and accepting feedback positively.

Integrated thought process

The synchronization of thinking creatively in lies of the project execution is the core requirement to be a successful Architect. Adding design value to the project with best possible space utilization, costing and minimum wastage of resources will put your name on the top. How to present enormous amount of information in a single project with a seamless vision is what is called design thinking.

Design Presentation skills

This is the final and important skill set that needs emphasis. Along with proper designing the ability to present the designs with proper layout, illustrations, layering, dimensions etc. is very important. If the presentation is not appropriate a great design value will not make any sense. Today with such exemplary technical advancement enhancing your design is not a difficult task at all. You can create a conceptual sketch and transform it into a photorealistic site or present even the utilities of a building design using 3D rendering techniques, Architectural BIM Modelling etc. With the help of 2D and 3D floor plans etc. clients as well as contractors can get a real idea through a virtual medium.  Making your design idea look the best will differentiate you as a good Architect from just an Architect.